Working with Jet Brokers

You’ve made the decision to purchase a jet aircraft.  You may have even already decided on the make and model of the craft you wish to purchase.  Now, you just need to find the right individual to find and negotiate the sale of the craft.  Buying an airplane is closer to buying real estate than it is to purchase a car.  It requires the same sort of due diligence and inspections that would be involved in the purchase of a home.  It requires that the owner carry insurance and that he or she be “approved” for purchase.  Knowing the ins and outs of buying an aircraft takes years of working within the business.  When deciding upon a jet broker you will want to ask:

● How many years has the company brokered jet aircraft sales?

● Do they have references?

● What is their process?

● What do you get for the brokerage fees?

A good jet broker will have operated their business for more than five years, or have on retainer employees who have worked with aircraft sales for over five years.  They will work with jet sales only and be able to speak fluently on the various makes and models, highlighting the positives and negatives to each particular aircraft.  Your jet broker should have multiple craft available for you to look at, as well as, having enough industry and private contacts that they would be able to “find” a particular craft for you should you not like the jets they are currently acting as brokers for.

Jet brokers will work with you to decide if you ought to purchase a jet, purchase a share in a jet or lease a jet.  Whatever you decide they will work with the seller or lessee to create terms that you both may live with.  It is also the business of the jet broker to help you find appropriate insurance and inform you of any pertinent industry or security regulations that come with private jet ownership.

Buying a jet should be an enjoyable experience and working with companies like L&L International insures that it will be.  You won’t have to worry about the soundness of the craft you are buying or even where to go for financing.  They will be able to put you in contact with the appropriate individuals who can perform inspections and sign off on the soundness of the jet aircraft, and they will provide you with financiers who specialize in the purchase of jets.

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