Working With a Remote Receptionist

As you work on ways to meet your customers’ needs, it can be a real challenge to find the money to give your clients the high-touch and attentive service that they deserve.  You want to have a representative ready to take calls, set appointments, and answer questions for people who call you, but hiring somebody is ridiculously expensive these days.  Between medical insurance and FICA, you can be seriously out of pocket in practically no time.

An alternative to hiring someone local to work in your office is to outsource your calls to a remote receptionist.  This is someone who works in another location, but answers the phone as though they were sitting right in your office.  They can use your company name, your scheduling software, and learn your policies to answer questions. 

Hire a good company, and your customers will never know that there isn’t someone local right there.  The higher-quality remote receptionist agencies employ only native English speakers and base their operations in the US to accommodate your office schedule.  They also limit their book of business so that your customers never have to wait more than 30 seconds on hold before getting a real person.

In this way, a remote receptionist can offer significant advantages over a local receptionist.  When you have just one person in the office, if multiple calls come in clients can be stuck on hold for several minutes.  Important calls may go to voicemail and business opportunities can be lost.

When you contract out your reception duties, there is a whole team supporting your business.  They aren’t tied up talking with a walk-in client or filing in another room.  Their only duty is to provide quick response to your customers over the phone.

Customers can feel the difference between a dedicated operator and a distracter operator.  They know when they aren’t getting the attention they want, and they will take their business elsewhere.  In this economy, you can’t afford to let that happen.  You need to keep your clients happy and loyal to stay in business.

However, you also can’t afford to spend a fortune on service needs either.  Fortunately, working with a remote receptionist often represents really significant savings over hiring a local person to do the job.  You can get a highly trained, service-oriented team serving your business for less than the cost of a single local body, so there is no reason to not to offer your customers the best service you can get.

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