Working Out With Hand Grippers

When you workout with weights you will be doing reps and sets and as you get stronger you can add more weight to the bar to increase resistance. But working out your grip strength using hand grippers, you do not have the ability to increase weight to make them harder to use. Your choices are to get stronger grippers or to be creative and think of ways to work out your grip strength.

Like I said, you can get stronger sets of grippers or think of innovative ways to train. For example, using a gripper that you can squeeze all the way closed, you could take a short piece of rope and tie one end around a 10 pound weight. Take the other end of the rope and squeeze the handle of the grippers on it and lift the weight while continuing to squeeze hard.

Wrap your thumb around one handle and your index finger around the other. Now try to close the gripper this way, and switch to each of the other individual fingers. You may not be able to close them much but this will help to target each fingers area of responsibility in the forearm.

Try the “over crush” technique with a gripper that you can squeeze all the way closed. Just squeeze it shut and continue trying to crush the handles together for a count of ten or what ever time is appropriate for you. Do at least a few reps of this.

If you have a gripper that you can not close you could do negatives with it. Use two hands to close the gripper and as the handles start to open try to resist. Do a few reps of these. You can come up with more ways to train if you look around at what others are doing or just use your imagination.

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