Sydney is the largest and most populous city of Australia. The inhabitants of Sydney called Sydneysiders. It is the financial and economic hub of Australia. Sydney is known to be second wealthiest city in terms of per capita purchasing power. The largest economic sectors in Sydney is measured by the number of people employed include property and business services, retail, manufacturing, and health and community services. The energy sector is particularly most important because Australia has immense resources and it is the first world producer of diamonds (50 % of the world reserves) of tin, titanium, lead and the second world producer of gold, nickel and uranium (30 % of the world reserves), but also produces coal (first exporter to the world), oil, iron, natural gas and silver. The increase in demand globally for raw materials in Sydney, the mining sector has played a driving role where growth is concerned these last few years. More than half of the head offices of the Australian companies as well as most important banks are located in Sydney. The city of Sydney encourages its managers to provide people with work experience; however this arrangement is dependant upon the work load and needs of the individual Units. Requests for work experience at Sydney should be made in writing and can be sent directly to the Unit Manager for the area you wish to work in. Once your request has been received the manager will contact you to discuss possible placement and it should however be remembered that the City is not obligated to agree to provide an applicant with work experience.

Work experience at Sydney does not involve the person receiving payment for work done. It is your written request which includes the following:

Your contact details with full address and contact phone number during business hours.
The kind of work experience at Sydney you are looking for
Start and finish dates of the work experience period
The name of your school/college with contact name and phone number at the establishment, if appropriate
Proof of Public Liability coverage

Prior to the City of Sydney considering request, proof of Public Liability cover must be produced especially. If you are required to complete work experience as part of your course of study or schooling then your college or school will have the appropriate Public Liability coverage. Proof of this is to be supplied for work experience in your written request.


Individuals not participating in college or school programs can apply for Public Liability coverage with insurance companies and proof of this is to be supplied in your written request for work experience. Without cover, work experience requests will be subjected to a placement risk assessment prior to Council, making a decision about the work experience request.

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