When You Answer Surveys, Watch the Websites You Are Joining

We all know how to answer surveys, but only 5% of us now how to pull up each and every good paying website. I happen to now be part of that category, and I am going to share the quick technique that can help you join that exclusive group. Just a tiny little change in how you “look” for places to answer surveys can make such a drastic difference.

It all started when I looked into the phenomenon that was starting to occur. So many individuals were complaining about being way underpaid by the survey sites they were a member of. The reason for this is simple. They all used some sort of search engine to pull up lists of survey sites. This is a huge mistake, because search engines do not pull up any of the top dollar websites. None of them. If you want to answer surveys for more cash, you need to make a change.

The change I have in mind is one that always works for finding the better, higher paying survey places. I use large forums, which are a life saver. It’s where you can yank up tons of totally honest information on survey sites, all for free. You get honesty in these bigger forums, because they are well established sites that need to uphold their good reputation. Because of this, they take out all of the spam and false/misdirecting info that people tend to leave. You are left with honest, well intentioned people sharing their info, which is what leads you to higher paying sites to answer surveys.

Once you find a big forum, you hop into their archive section. This is the only part of the forum you will need. From here, you simply type a few keywords into their handy search function and pull up all of their past topics about the survey industry. Hundreds will fly up. All you do now is jump in and begin skimming these topics, because it’s where so much knowledge has been shared. People are talking and chatting back and forth about their experiences with various survey websites and the places they are getting the most cash with when they answer surveys. It’s your shortcut to much more money.

Don’t let the fun be sucked out of trying to answer surveys, because you don’t have to settle for pennies.

Here is a free Top 5 List of Paid Survey Sites to Answer Surveys.

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