When EFT Stops Working

When EFT stops working or doesn’t work for you there can be several reasons why.

Here is a common one:

POSSIBLE PROBLEM: A part of you doesn’t want to get over the problem or issue. There can be a few different reasons for you not wanting to get over the problem or emotion on a subconscious level.

Here are the two most common:

1. You are getting some benefit over having this issue. We call this phenomena ‘secondary gain,’ in other words there is a side benefit or advantage you are receiving with having this challenge, therefore a part of you does not want to give it up so easily.

2. Fear to reach a new level and/or move out of your current comfort zone. People can become afraid to go onto to the next level or have the uncertainly of what it will be like without a certain issue or emotion that you have had for a long time. There is a part of you that wants to feel safe before progressing further.

Ask yourself: “What’s the benefit/upside to keeping this issue/emotion? And what is the downside of letting it

Use whatever answer you come up with in the new setup phrase. So for example if you are trying to give up smoking but find it is the only time you get time away from the kids and your husband:

Even though I am afraid to give up this habit of smoking because it is the only time I have for myself…

Or if you are addressing depression or a chronic illness and you find that you get attention from others for your condition:

Even though a part of me is fearful of being completely cured of (the depression, this illness, the disability, etc.) because this is how I get attention from others…

I encourage you to persist with EFT the results are freedom, ease and energy!

AnaMaria Herrera, EFT Practitioner, also known as “Agent EFT” specializes in assisting her clients reach their personal and professional goals with greater ease using EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. She is the creator of the got EFT?(tm) Series of educational products teaching Emotional Freedom Technique to laypersons and EFT Practitioners. Check out her free e-course: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made with EFT: http://www.gotEFTsystem.com

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