When Do Distributors and End Users Benefit By Building A Call Accounting Partnership?

To date PBX resellers have installed call accounting whilst forgetting about the role it can play in creating tangible, mutually rewarding relationships with the end user. Traditionally the call accounting business as a whole has been all about the product whilst constraining the PBX company to the role of box dropping.

Introducing an innovative architecture that creates long term profits for the distributor while the customer benefits because of its effectiveness in delivering cost savings.

In most cases PBX suppliers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise about the telecoms domain that is concealed from the consumer; they have untapped talents. The PBX reseller has little chance to demonstrate these hidden skills by putting them to good use in the interests of his end-user. For the reseller this equates to lower revenue and lower job satisfaction; and the end user fails to benefit from the distributor’s wisdom.

The significance of a call accounting software’s feature list can’t be overlooked, it is important to have a long list of features although the client is unlikely to use them. Illogical perhaps! But… It is the only clear discriminator a service has over its competitors. Really, in many cases, clients may use 20% of the reports at hand, the only the ones he understands. Not so for the knowledgable industry guru who can ultilize an extensive portion of a system’s features.

Normally the consumer is not a skilled telephone manager, the user wants assistance, the supplier has a chance to impress and make additional income in exchange for applying knowledge and experience. Up to now, it has proven too inefficient for a supplier to accomplish this. To apply appropriate skills a PBX company had to drive to the client’s office to extract reports, time is money and travelling is wasting it. Today with a new breed of call accounting solution, Internet Services, a reseller can tap this income fountain easily.

Imagine sitting comfortably at your workstation with your netbook and accessing all your customer’s reports. It empowers you the PBX company to examine a site, identify opportunities within the complex telecommunications environment and offer products and services with the aim of benefiting your client’s situation and, simultaneously generating additional earnings for your company.

How will you answer this question?: Is this the point that users begin embracing a shift from the old business model of box dropping to the new, more rewarding approach of value added services? If so, move on from your outdated stand alone call accounting solution and migrate to an Internet service.

This product provides the opportunity for suppliers to raise their revenue, company and people, and for clients to benefit from their PBX company’s experience.

With a experience spanning 25 years as a successful corporate account manager, Mike Guile has front line experience in operating voice communications for clients large and small. He offers potential customers a free trial of the globes leading Web based call accounting application, install it on any size site. Find more here

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