USANA Distributors ? Why Are You Still Toiling For Leads?

Founded in 1992, USANA Health Sciences develops and manufactures high-quality nutritional supplements, healthy weight-management products, and personal-care products.  They currently do business in 14 international markets.

Since its inception, USANA has received many accolades for their nutritional and skin care product lines as well as rave reviews in national magazines such as Forbes and News Week. 

USANA is well positioned as a provider of high quality nutritional, weight management products smack dab in the middle of a worldwide trillion dollar health and wellness revolution. There is no doubt that there is high demand for USANA products – so why do so many distributors still struggling to find leads for their business?

The number one reason is that they are looking in the wrong place.  Yes, everyone can benefit from using USANA product, but everyone is not your market.  Yet distributors continue to use old outdated forms of marketing that are ineffective and labor intensive, such as the three foot rule (talking to everyone within three feet) and pushing the products and business opportunity on friends and family.

This strategy is like throwing out a large net and hoping to catch someone who is interested. 

A much more effective strategy is to leverage technology to find qualified leads and have them come to you.  The fact is there are millions of people everyday online searching for information about and buying quality nutritional, weight loss and personal care products. 

Why not exploit modern technology to position yourself and your business in their pathway of consumption?  Out of the hundreds of thousands of people already looking for your product, how many would you need to join your business or purchase your products to make a substantial difference in your business? 

My guess is that even adding 2 to 5 people a week to your business would be life changing.

Serious business builders in network marketing today are growing colossal businesses for themselves and their downlines by leveraging the internet, the telephone and the written word. 

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