Tips For Working With a Lawyer

Your lawyer will be one of the most important people in your life, especially if your case is something that involves your freedom. Your lawyer will be making a lot of decisions for you, some of which are not easy because they would involve a lot of thinking and even a lot of questioning. He might even have to take positions that are against his personal feelings but are necessary for your case. Therefore, you should be considerate enough to make things easy for your lawyer. You can do this by being organized. Just that simple thing will make a big difference. Here are some tips for working with a lawyer that you will find useful.

First, you have to be completely honest. Tell your lawyer everything about your case and not a single thing withheld. This includes all information, whether embarrassing, favorable or unfavorable. You might be surprised to find out that withholding even the most trivial detail can largely impact your case in a negative way. Your lawyer will be able to advise you properly, if and only if, you disclose the facts completely. Keep in mind that all lawyers are strictly required to keep their clients’ information confidential.

Second, be ready to discuss fees with your lawyer. This discussion should happen, at the most, on day one. Negotiate payment plans with your lawyer and once an agreement has been established, get it in writing, review it carefully and once you and your lawyer have signed it, keep a copy for yourself. Most arguments regarding legal fees take place because no written agreement exists.

Third, do not hesitate to ask questions. You have to understand everything about your case and familiarize yourself well with the legal process in order for your lawyer to serve you better. Take note, however, that you are paying for your lawyer’s services, which includes his time. Thus, it is better that you ask a handful of questions at once rather than calling up your lawyer again every time you need to ask question or two. This benefits both of you since you get to cut down on your legal fees while your lawyer does not get his time wasted.

Fourth, before you sign anything, ask your lawyer to explain it thoroughly until you have understood it completely. What can be perfectly simple and routine to an attorney can be terribly confusing to individuals who lack legal expertise. Also, you must have your own copy of all legal paperwork involved in your case. This includes correspondence such as letters and memos, and court notices, your fee agreement, and more.

Finally, before you react to what your lawyer’s advice is, give pensive consideration to what he says. Remember that your lawyer is someone who has unsurpassed expertise and knowledge of the law. Most likely, he has done something similar to your case a lot of times already. Just remember that whatever decision or advice your lawyer makes or gives, no matter how favorable or unpleasant it may sound, your best interests are what he has in mind.

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