The Essence of Joining Choir Groups

School choirs that feature music training and ample opportunities to showcase musical talents via choir presentations and show choirs are usually patronized by a lot of students across the country. Unfortunately, some of the academes these days have slashed their budgets for such programs, and worse, have eventually ceased catering them.

Nevertheless, the essence of joining choir groups continues to be worth mentioning. After all, where will you find an enriching as well as confidence boosting experience in terms of revealing your knack for music but through a choir group? Choir members usually sing together to inspire, impress and entertain. They present songs through programs and pair it off with great dance numbers and stunning choir costumes. At some point, these choir groups also perform in various competitions with their broadway-deserving productions.

In contrast to being a solo performer, being a part of a choir group has a lot of perks. First of all, it allows individuals to better train their voices. Talent in choirs is not measured just by being able to belt the highest note. No one is exceptional. And each person is important. What a choir truly aims for is to mesh all kinds of voices in order to create a beautiful melody.

Aside from this, choir groups are also great avenues for the practice social skills and community reliance. No one is an island in this group. And success can only be achieved through communal effort. So despite being made of people from different walks of life, various cultural backgrounds and personalities, members come together to make music. But then again, it’s not all differences here. Some choir members also share the same religion and come from the same social circles. This affinity is what help them build a stronger community. The factions established between the kind voices – whether soprano and alto for women, and tenor and bass for men – do not indicate that some are better than others but that people have different roles to play and are required to sing in accordance to their specialty.

The good thing with choir groups is that it teaches each member the essence of harmony during music rehearsals and on actual presentations. More than the glamorous choral dresses and props, what makes choirs stand out is their singing and enthusiasm.

Joining choir groups not only open opportunities to build meaningful friendships. It also provides people with the chance to show off their skills. Moreover, choir groups also help develop the creativity of its member by way of enabling them to freely design and create choir uniforms.

Joining choir groups also emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for the group. It helps instill the values of time management as well as discipline, especially when members have other commitments aside from regular classes and school choirs.

Aside from those mentioned, being a choir member has also been proven to be beneficial to one’s health. Studies show that singing helps prevent and relieve stress, regulate mood and eventually promote the health and wellbeing of each choir member. And surprisingly, it also helps develop cognitive faculties. Several studies actually suggest that most children who sing in choir groups excel at problem solving, evaluation and analysis. These choir members also tend to have better mathematical skills. So who says that music is a hindrance to education?

In conclusion, becoming part of choirs give children and grown ups not only the opportunity to dress up in stunning choir uniform, provide them the chance to train, offer them the opportunity to become part of a community, encourage them to develop values but also divert them from other meaningless and harmful activities, thereby ensuring a more proactive life experience.

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