The Benefits of Joining a Wine Club

Wine is something that many people enjoy but few know a great deal about. A lot of wine drinkers want the chance to appreciate their wine, but do not know where to go or how to start. That is why joining a wine club can be such a great thing to do – particularly if you go for an annual membership, which will give you the opportunity to let your tastes grow with the seasons.

Wine enjoyment, like the enjoyment of art or music, is deeply personal. Like the enjoyment of art or music, wine tasting and drinking needs a little guidance from the experts – people who can say, OK, if you like this then you will probably very much enjoy that. People who are getting into wine often feel that there must be so many more varietals and flavours they should be trying, and would enjoy – but with such a mass of options before them, they tend to freeze and stick with what they already know.

A wine club is a way of giving yourself an opportunity to know more than what you already know. It is a way of taking an informed and guided journey through the wonderful world of wine – stopping off in all sorts of places, all kinds of countries and ages and flavours and types, to really gain a wide ranging appreciation of the different incarnations and uses of this wonderful drink.

With Christmas coming, of course, there is every reason to indulge the people you love. People who have yet to light on the perfect present for someone might want to consider getting them a year’s membership in a wine club. It is a gift that is guaranteed to please, and it will start giving on day one and keep on giving all year through. Most wine clubs work by delivering quarterly selection boxes to their members – some bottles in the selection are definite (they have to be there) while others can be changed according to known preferences and tastes. The adventurous club member, then, will leave the selection of every case completely up the management: while others might prefer to mix the unknown with definite favourites.

Either way, membership in a wine club can offer a whole year of fun, great wine and endless discovery for the person lucky enough to receive it. The tasting is not all, either. If you are a member of a club you will always get preference over non members when it comes to purchasing special bottles, gifts, or attending club and society functions.

All in all, there is very little to balk at. Wine was never meant to be an exclusive club – it was, originally, the drink of peasants and farmers. It got heisted by the aristocracy and turned into a preserve of richness and infamy: but now, hundreds of years after the first cork went “pop”, the wine club has evolved to reintroduce the drink of the masses, to us all. Wine is the art and masterpiece of human culinary achievement – and it can be enjoyed on any occasion and by anybody. Joining a club shows you how.

A comprehensive selection of tasting notes and information packs further add to the joy of the wine club, allowing novice wine lovers to learn and grow as the year goes on.

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