Shaklee Distributors ? Did You Fall Prey To They Hype?

Were you sold on the hype of how simple it was to succeed in Shaklee, but that has not been your experience to date?  After all, their products are Always Safe, Always Work and are Always Green.  Sounds like a winning combination to me, especially in a society with a growing conscience and therefore demand towards green products.

Did the simplicity of you get three and they’ll get three and they’ll get three make total sense at the time, but now it just doesn’t seem to be working?  Well, the bottom line is this: You get three, and they’ll get three and they’ll get three CAN work IF you use the right marketing system.

The two key words there are marketing and system.  First, you need to market your products and business opportunity, not sell them.  You see by blasting your friends and family, you are trying to sell them what you have, in other words create the desire for what you have. By marketing your product the correct way, you are actually just finding people who are already looking for what you have and filling the need.

Does it make sense that there are millions of people out there looking for what you have?  Yes, I agree!  So find them by marketing to them.

So the next step in the equation is the system.  The correct marketing system would start with positioning yourself in front of a targeted audience (people who are looking for what you have).  With the right skill set, you easily could accomplish this by driving internet traffic to a lead capture website. This website is drastically different then the company website because it is designed for a targeted audience, rather than the catch-all company website.  Even 3 to 5 qualified leads a day from your lead capture website would make a huge difference in any one’s business.

The hype of how simple it is to succeed in Shaklee is completely validated when you use the right marketing system that meets the needs of today’s modern society.  Market to you ideal customer leveraging technology, and teach your downline to do the same and experience an explosion in our business.

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