Risks Of Over-age Possession Of Appliance Manufacturers And Distributors Do Not Take Responsibility

” Home Appliances Is a large child consumer, can use on how long how long, not very active, if necessary, will not be eliminated. “Many consumers who use home appliances such thoughts.’s Visit home appliances industry found that home appliances have their own” shelf life “, over the safe use of household appliances in addition to facing life can not

Service Embarrassment, the biggest problem lies in security vulnerabilities.
Security risks of over-age home appliances and more
“Appliance extended ‘service’ is very unsafe, first of all is the dysfunction or loss of power should be much higher, the most important is the security threats on the human body.”

Suning Electric relevant responsible person said, once beyond the life of some appliances, its radiation would be higher than that of 2 to 3 times, and as

Microwave ovens , Electric water heaters and other appliances easily happen circuit aging, or even cause explosions. For more than a useful life of the appliance, the accidents, manufacturers and

Sell Who do not take any responsibility.
“Appliance wire gauge used to appear a result of leakage of insulation aging, component technology index down harmful substances such as leakage and noise, increased security risk.” Su Ning, repairs, according to the person in charge, CRT

TV After aging aircraft struck, suddenly cold, sudden fever, and excessive dirt or dust inside the TV short circuit caused by overheating, can cause picture tube explosion; microwave oven aging products could lead to leakage, fire, explosions and other accidents; aging water heater may leak gas, causing poisoning;

Refrigerator Too old, sterilization and preservation of its functions have been severely degraded, may lead to the large population of bacteria, food and odor or bad, is also easy to cause leakage of freon;

Air conditioning Long service life, the refrigerant will leak, not only pollute the environment is also hazardous to health; old washing machine will be in serious leakage. In addition to safety risks. Power consumption of some old household appliances more than 40% of the original power consumption.

Over-age home appliances identify strokes Gome responsible person said that the use of household appliances appliance TM to life and have great relationships, pay attention to cleaning the oral cavity is not sure over the useful life of the appliance recycling price is slightly higher, for those who have passed useful life of appliances, recycled materials are basically disassembled.

Identify how “age” appliances do? The industry, said television picture appears if the tube is not clear, the screen shaking and so on, it means that there may be age related components; refrigerator if there is refrigerant leakage, the sound operation is too large, occurrence of tremor, a lot of power than in the past and so on, are “overage” feature; washing machine, if often seepage, leakage and other problems, so you can consider the renewal of the; air conditioning, if a dust boot on the DI, the wind blowing mixed with musty, sometimes even dirty water out of the dark, so that the air-conditioning also changed.

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