Popular Infomercial Products

The infomercial has really created a name for itself over the years and despite the fact that some people consider infomercials a waste of television airspace they actually are quite effective at selling products and services. In fact, there are many infomercials that garnered so much attention and so many viewers that many years later individuals still remember the infomercial. This goes to show that the format was on target because it demanded attention and created an awareness and interest in the product. The following are some of the infomercial products that pretty much every American will be able to recall and talk about, yet they used different tactics to capture attention and generate sales.

Magic Bullet

A personal blender, the Magic Bullet has been immensely successful with infomercial marketing. Being able to see the blender in action made the difference from having it just being one more kitchen appliance to the kitchen appliance.

Carlton Sheets Real Estate Course

A real-estate training course, the Carlton Sheets’ infomercial deviated from the traditional “show it off” infomercial most were used to. Instead, these infomercials put stories (testimonials, actually) of people who bought the program and it worked for them. This added a personal feel to the infomercials and made them much more emotional and real. It certainly paid off.

Magic Jack

A computer peripheral that provides VoIP, the Magic Jack has been widely successful by placing much emphasis on the savings over traditional phone service, press coverage and reviews, and the easy (and versatility) of use. The infomercial was more about making the Magic Jack the must-have investment, since it’s very difficult to show audio in a way that appeals to a broad audience.

Anyone interested in using an infomercial format to sell their products should look back at what made these infomercials so popular and emulate as many aspects as possible to try and achieve the same success.

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