Network Marketing Distributors Run To Body By Vi Challenge

Quite a few eyes, or rather, industry leader eyes, are on a company called Visalus sciences that has only been around about 5 or so years, yet it is briskly making a bold statement out there in the Direct marketing world. From what the study shows, not only does Body by vi challenge have some patented products but offers a Bimmer to its second position reps. Further fact-finding shows they have an A rating on the Better business and possibly one of the best compensation plans in the industry. For example, Visalus sciences is not a binary company but an uni-level. That alone gets quite the eye batting. As per Blake Mallen, the CMO of the business, other industry leaders are doing their homework and flocking to Visalus science. Here are the five top reasons why Mallen thinks this phenomenon is happening.

Visalus science’s 60 day waiting room concept is different because it at the same time adds speed with strategy. Every person a distributor signs up in their business can be placed in this waiting room to enable the distributor to structure their team. It creates a powerful team dynamic with progressive placement and, get this, the distributor is paid while that 60 day placement is taking place! It allows for large speed building which results in people earning their BMWs in a relatively tiny period of time.

The fantastic bonuses that Visalus has in place for their Ambassadors, the number 1 level of their compensation plan, is an incentive that every distributor dreams of hitting. A $ 25,000.00 bonus for hitting that Ambassador level follows with a $ 100,000.00 bonus for becoming a 3 star Ambassador and climaxes with a quarter of a million dollars for hitting 5 star Ambassador.

Visalus has had over 1500 people earn a black BMW for hitting that second position in the company. The distributor gets 600.00/month for a lifetime for hitting that BMW club member position. According to Mallen, that’s 3 BMWs a day and helps others to have physical and financial transformation.

The disappearing autoship is an alluring incentive because Mallen says that the top reason people failed any business is if they don’t make enough benjamins. Visalus sciences cusromer retention is 100% because of their “refer 3 for free” program. Getting 3 customers on their Body by Vi challenge earns the distributor a free product. Mallen confidently states that their reps are averaging 5-6 customers because their products really work.

The top reason that industry leaders are flocking to Body by vi challenge is because it is the ultimate simplicity sophistication. If a distributor gets 3 distributors in 30 days they become a Director and as soon as that rep get 6 people in his/her team to earn a Bimmer they become a 6 figure earner and if that distributor gets 12 distributors, anywhere in their entire group to do the same, then viola, Ambassador is the ultimate culmination of this multi-level company.

Mallen encourages all network marketers and industry team leaders, who are looking for a new home, to do their due diligence and take a closer look at this hot and rising company in the industry. They, too, might be earning their Bimmer and getting those cash jingling bonuses.

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