My Experience of Working With Dominik Bjegovic

Dominik Bjegovic is one of those rare proficient copywriters that comes by in the life of a novice, aspiring copywriter like me, probably once in a lifetime. I clearly recall the day Dominik was called in to the Institute of Media Studies where I was doing my Graduate Program in Mass Communications, for a guest lecture.
Therein, he addressed the group of nearly sixty students that we were, for over 2 hours, on the secrets of successful copywriting. At the end of the entire session, we were left clamouring for much more, as he simply took the hat off conventional copywriting, the way a lot of so-called copywriting experts have had us to believe.

That is when I really got thinking, as to why many of the renowned copywriters failed to deliver, when it came to actual improvement of sales, of the products whose copy they wrote. I thought Dominik really hit the nail on the head when he said that even the best of copywriting, however good it may sound and seem, would be effectively useless if it did not manage to push sales of the products or services that it meant to promote. It is somewhat akin to numerous critically acclaimed Hollywood actors who otherwise “specialize” in coming out with box office duds.

Dominik spoke at length about the numerous products and services for which he had written some really magical copy, and managed to turn the sales graph of the aforementioned products and services, completely around. He emphasized upon the fact that there is no real ‘secret’ per se to writing effective copy; it is all about speaking to your customers or clients from your heart, and in turn appealing to their souls. Once the connect is well-established, sales are bound to happen as the customer perception for your offering, is in complete sync with the inherent need ensconced within existing or potential buyers. It the harmonizing of these two elements which is critical to successful copywriting, irrespective of the product or service in question.

It’s been six long years since I heard that lecture from Dominik while still in school. But it seems like it was only yesterday, with his words still ringing through my ears.

Vikram A. Malik is an Internet Marketing specialist.

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