Keeping Your Shower Working Well

The shower is a step up from the old days when you had to share a bucket of water with all the rest of the family, or if you weren’t so lucky, you had a bucket of cold water thrown over you once a week. We have certainly moved on from those days, with all sorts of different designs offering pretty well everything you might desire. However, regardless of how new your shower is, you will still need to maintain it and look out for leaks or cracks that could result in rot and mold which you really do want to avoid at all costs.

First off, to confront the blatant truth, you will definitely get a clog unless you have absolutely no hair on your body. Every time we have a shower some of our hair will be rubbed off and it will gather under the cover of the shower where, hopefully, you have some sort of grate. When hair and soap suds become joined the combination results in a disgusting glob that no one wants to remove. It is important to do it routinely to prevent it from getting down into the pipe which would result in a bad clog. Try not to wait until the water is up around your ankles before you empty it, but clear it away as part of your regular bathroom routine.

Afterward take a glance at the shower recess. It is important that the door seal is not broken so that water is not potentially seeping down under the tiles to cause mold and rot to develop. Caulk it again quickly and verify if the water was the reason for any deterioration.

The screen of the shower is made to be strong and live for almost a quarter of a century which is a great lifespan for any design feature. It may need to be replaced though, unless you believe in old styles resurfacing, when it will be trendy once again.

If your house has had the joy of young children, however, it may not take the change of fashions to force you to replace the screen or recess. The glass could get damaged or the perimeters that keep the glass stable possibly could have been not as tight as they should be. It is optional for you to reinstall it by yourselves, if the decision is to do that, it is my advice that you explore basic designs because the ones that are complicated need to be installed by a professional.

There is a possibility that your screen is an old model which was constructed with enamel. Screens now are made of laminated or toughened glass because it was found that enamel screens were able to scratch and mark too easily.

Do be aware, before you purchase your new door, that it may only be catching because the tracks need a good clean and lubrication. To do this you will need to take off the door panels, but do be aware that they can be very heavy, so you may require some assistance.

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