Joining Your Local Health Club

As the beginning of a New Year approaches we start to think about our New Year resolutions and for many it will be about getting fit and healthy.  The first point of call many will be searching for your local health club on the internet.  Thankfully if you use the major search engine, Google, it will detect your local area and return you your closest results.

Although, you may work in London but you live in Bristol, so you need to change your location in the sidebar. Another alternative is to use the search bar and specify your location such as health club in Bristol. This will generate a list of your local health clubs, either in the search results or in the form of a map in the top right of the page you are looking at.

You will also see the results displayed in the main search results, so you can choose which one is nearest to you.  Then the fun begins, looking through the sites to see which one is going to aid you in your fitness routine in the coming New Year.  Some health clubs offer other facilities apart from gyms and aerobic classes.  Some clubs have swimming pools and saunas, while others have beauty salons.

You need to work out if all the health club has to offer is exactly what you want; you also need to consider if the gym provides incentives to aid you in joining.  Some offers these clubs have are free membership joining, free day passes or a small minimum join time.  Ideally you should join when they are running a special promotion, but be careful, only join the fitness club because it offers you want you need, not just because it is running a special offer.  If you do the latter and the facilities are not what you want, you might not stick to your New Year plan.

Ultimately your local gym should suit you, this way you will be more inclined to go.  Make use of all they have to offer and if you can use a personal trainer, this will inspire you to keep going.  In no time at all you will have achieved your resolution, it only takes a little planning.

Riley is an avid fitness fanatic and enjoys writing about gyms, she goes to her local gym in Bracknell.

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