Joining Usana – Do Not Be Another Usana Casualty

After joining Usana, follow these tips that Usana pros use! Usana is a terrific company that is held in respect across the network marketing industry. So here is the real way to make money with Usana step-by-step:

Throw out to the garbage your list of friends and family. They don’t know the concept of network marketing.


Other distributors DO know and LOVE the concept of network marketing! Go after them! They will be your targeted people. So you will use Twitter and Facebook to connect and network with Usana-minded folks. You will provide value to them. VALUE is the most precious currency in the home-based business.

Other methods of marketing include the powerful message-conveying videos on video websites such as the always popular Youtube. If you are of the writing type, there are articles you can submit to various websites across the Internet.

Okay, you bring value, you are starting to make a name on Internet, you are starting to brand yourself as an authority on how to make money with Usana. Then what? Where to direct all this stream of people to? If you answered “My company-replicated Usana website”, the answer is WRONG, dead wrong! Might as well quit Usana if you do that! Best way to kill your marketing efforts, seriously.

“Ok, genius, where to?” thou ask.

To a capture page!

Your capture page will be linked to an autoresponder, give your prospects a series of messages that you have written, informing them how they will acquire the marketing firepower that yourself have learned. Trust me, 99% of Usana distributors do not know these kinds of super marketing techniques. Guess who will offer that kind of training and coaching to them? YOU! But where to get this capture page that will put your prospects into your money-making list?

Enter the MLM Mastermind System. This is where you get all the ammo for your marketing firepower. Not only you get even more useful marketing training, you get TWELVE capture pages where you can cater to a specific companies like Usana, or home-based business seekers, or social networks like Twitter among many others.

There are also affiliate programs built in the system that offer specific tools that every serious networkers need to help them win the MLM game such as auto-responders or a keyword- searching software like Micro Niche Finder (

Why affiliate programs? Is my network marketing income not enough? Exactly! You are totally right, It IS not enough, especially in the early stages. You would need at least 2-3 years or more before being able to live full-time on your network marketing paychecks! Besides, the Mastermind system in itself can bring you a decent residual income as it is a monthly recurring service! How much is that system, you ask? Point blank: 1$ for a 7 day trial and 47$ a month thereafter, 17$ monthly payout.

Expensive you say? Only for networkers who are not serious. let me remind you that affiliate programs will enable you to make instant money EVEN IF NO DISTRIBUTOR JOINS YOUR USANA DOWNLINE! They are already in Usana so most of your distributors won’t need to join you BUT you are the one with the wonderful system, you are the one with the necessary tools, the necessary training! You will make a bundle as the provider!

Think as yourself as the picks and pans merchant in the old Gold Rush cliché often used in the network marketing industry. The potential of money that you can make with affiliate programs can net you instant cash that will help you with your marketing efforts, even pay the bills!

All the while your residual income from your Usana is growing surely,steadily and easily because a (small) percentage of your prospects could be on the fence about joining Usana then they see you are not a scammer and they see themselves make money with an Usana leader, coach and tool-provider!

Best thing is, the Mastermind system is not limited to Usana, the training is so generic, you will can offer it ANY mlm distributor! Why limit yourself to one company when there are hundreds of them? Imagine being the go-to guy or girl that can help other distributors to make it in this tough industry, help them succeed? It’s possible with technology these days!

That is how you REALLY make money with Usana!

Dany Nguyen is using cost-effective, new, many unheard of, Internet-based techniques to market his opportunities and he can help you! Free 8-days Internet network marketing boot camp at

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