Joining the Military – Should I Live on the Installation?

Living on the installation can be tremendously more comfortable than living outside. Being inside means you are in a secure and protected area and are part of a community. Additionally, you will be living with other people who are enlisted and will have the support from them. Consider the following when deciding whether living at the base is for you:

Cheaper. Your costs are significantly reduced. You don’t have to pay for electricity, hot water, rent etc. If there is a problem with your house, you will not have to pay for any repairs because they are covered. These costs usually cost a person a lot a month, but living at the base means everything is free.
Free medical. Since your health is extremely important, living on the installation means that you will have ready access to any thing you need. This means ready support for any services you may need.
Unconditional Support. If your suppose has been deployed, your neighbors will always be there for you in times you really may need help. Since everyone living around you is a military family they know what you are going through and will be able to help. When others always lend a helping hand it becomes very comforting.

So now you have been told some of the benefits of living at the base. You must be wondering what are some of your expectations? All bases have different regulations but here are some common ones.

You must take care of your residence. There are regular inspections of your quarters. You must take care of your yard and keep your place clean and tidy.
Since others will do things for you, the same kindness is expected in return. If your neighbor helped you out last week by babysitting your kids, you should feel obligated to return the favor any way you can.
If you get too many warning you will be kicked out of the base. By not following the rules being expelled is a possibility.

There are many benefits of living on the installation, but just remember you may feel like you are never able to get away from work since you are literally surrounded by it.

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