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Now, more and more entrepreneurs begin to join Clothing Industry, joining the brand clothing is one of the options. The brand clothing before joining is prepared to do a lot of premises, need to know a lot of content. This successful first step, from the choice of what kind of brand apparel to join start??

1. Brand positioning Joined in the selection of apparel brands at the beginning, the first city should own the clothing market to do a certain understanding, especially if you shop around the shopping district of the peer situation, to do with bottom heart.

If your area is not yet Nenggen consumption levels compared to developed areas, then you can easily blind introduction of high-priced clothing; if you shop around a lot of open house attached Casual Brand competition is particularly fierce, so you can stagger the operation to target the installation or ladies Wear , The effect will be better; or local consumer preference for origin in the Shanghai Women, do not like the production in Guangdong, then you can give priority to join the Shanghai brand … … these problems are identified, to determine under these circumstances Join the approximate positioning the brand, and then join the brand targeted search can be more effective, improve the success rate.

In before you decide to join the brand, the following answer to the question you have to very clear mind?? You want to join Men , Women’s or children’s clothing brand locally acceptable price is how much you want to join the brand style is casual wear, ladies wear, or installed on the local consumers to buy any special clothing preferences of how much money you plan to invest in your goal at this time brand range has narrowed to a certain extent, may have produced several candidates for the brand, then you can then later referred to the items in our section to carry out a screening dizzy.

2. Product popularity Clothing is a special commodity, it is entirely up to consumers to purchase goods liking. Because of this, you want to join the brand clothing is a good local reputation, product popularity, there are more factors that need to focus on study.

This can be investigated in several aspects. First, the brand in all regions of the popularity of how the status of the consumer reckoning directly to the brands you can obtain the previous Sell Data, you can also learn from the side, ran from the business to try the agent know the brand of its sales.

Secondly, according to the brand’s positioning and style of products, in approximately what percentage of local people interested in purchasing this product you use that to determine the number of target customers is not enough.

Third, look at the pricing of its products are not in similar brands at competitive prices with the local style consumption habits and preferences of consumers is not fit, try to avoid the possibility of contradictions and conflicts.

Be pointed out that the popularity of one product is a clothing brand to join the result of years of slow deposition, on the other hand it is also the company Advertisement Support closely related. If a brand continuity in the national media advertising, to maintain a certain media exposure, it is saying must be proportional to the popularity of the.

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