Industrial Rubber Products

Industrial Rubber Products refer to items, objects and devices which are made from rubber and used for industrial purposes.

Rubber is an indispensable product and is used in modern industry and society, and is as important as other products such as wood and steel. There are two types of rubber – natural and man-made. Products made from rubber are used by everyone, at work, at home, at play and even when we travel. Aircraft, train, automobile industries all rely on it for its various applications.

Rubber is obtained from the latex or milky sap of various plants such as the rubber tree, and is a yellowish, elastic, amorphous material. This material or sap is vulcanised, pigmented and finished into different products such as:

• Elastic bands
• Tyres
• Gaskets
• Hoses
• Electrical insulation

Rubber is also known as Caoutchouc, which is its scientific name, and more commonly known as India rubber.

Natural rubber is an important and vital agricultural product which is used in the manufacture of a wide range of products. Natural rubber is produced from many different plant species. The most important source is from a tropical tree known as Hevea brasiliensis, which is native to the tropical Americas. The tree grows best with an annual rainfall of just under 2000mm and temperatures around 21-28 degrees F.

Synthetic rubber is a white crumbly plastic mass, which is processed and vulcanised in the same manner as natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is an artificially produced material having properties similar to natural rubber. Most synthetic rubbers are obtained by polymerization or polycondensation of unsaturated monomers.

The products manufactured from these natural and synthetic rubbers are vast and just a few of them will include:

• Anti-vibration mountings
• Automobile rubber products
• Rubber bands
• Rubber adhesives and sealants
• Rubber flooring
• Rubber magnets

Industrial applications vary widely and these include: Agricultural industry, Defence industry, Textile industry, chemical industry and the medical industry.

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