How You Can Pay Your International Employees, Affiliates, and Distributors

Let’s face it, the entire world is moving to electronic payments. The reason is obvious. Electronic payments are safe, fast, and easy to track. Funds are accessible to your workforce quickly. Most importantly, electronic payments can save your company money. You can issue paper checks but what happens when they are stolen or lost? Also, tracking paper checks around the world is an expensive administrative nightmare.

Forward thinking businesses are using both international debit cards and global direct deposit to pay people around the world. With the advantages of international debit cards and global direct deposit, you are able to automate your operations and increase productivity that will help you retain your competitive edge.

If you have traditional direct deposit, workers must have bank accounts into which the money can be deposited. International debit cards and global direct deposit allow you to pay your network of world wide employees in their own currency. This solution eliminates currency conversions, fluctuations, and confusion.

Across the world, debit cards are the fastest growing way to disburse payments. Cards can be used by those that do not have bank accounts. Today, you’ll find workers with bank accounts often prefer to be paid on a debit card instead of direct deposit.

International debit card funds on the cards are easily accessible at any ATM or point of sale location around the world that accepts bank cards. The small fees associated with the use of cards are more than offset by the convenience and immediate accessibly to cash provided by the cards.

If your company issues more than 10,000 international debit cards, you receive the added benefit of branding your debit card. Each time a new card is issued anywhere in the world, the company brand is expanded.

Your business needs global payment solutions in a technologically advanced marketplace. International debit cards and global direct deposit can enable your business.

Tina Brandon has been involved in the payment processing industry for the past 15 years. During that time she has worked with US and international banks, processors, sales organizations offering a range of electronic payment processing solutions. She is currently Vice President of TransNetSecure. 972.986.8450

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