How are Vemma Distributors Affected by Vemma Scam?

What is the Vemma Scam and why are so many Vemma distributors struggling to make money each month?

Before I reveal the answer I want to make it clear that I am in no way, shape, or form, connected with Vemma or any other wellness company. This report is being written as a 100% independent news source to divulge the major issues Vemma Reps are having within the company.

I’m going to address the issues and how you can save yourself from falling into the traps so many other Vemma representatives have come across but I want you to know that the rumors about Vemma being a scam are not accurate.

One of the issues in working with a mlm organization based in nutritional products is that it really doesn’t matter how many studies the organization points out about their products because every topnotch nutrition company can point to “independent” studies done at some university.

Vemma does provide elite nutritional products and there is a big gap between elite nutritional products and grocery store products. That being said, Vemma simply doesn’t offer anything that cannot be supplied for less than half the cost at a good health foods store.

The bottom line is this, every elite nutritional company has science backed products with independent lab results, patents and certifications. It all sounds great upfront but when you do your research, you’ll see they all sound the same.

On top of that, there are hundreds of health and wellness network marketing companies all competing in the exact same market. Every time you turn a corner someone is trying to sell you on a better multi-vitamin or the latest and greatest jungle juice.

Unfortunately, most people who join Vemma simply aren’t set to handle the challenges that come with nutritional supplements because of the shrewd marketing that paints this picture of their products being one of a kind.

As if the nutritional market didn’t make things difficult enough, Vemma advises their independent reps to send their prospects to the corporate website, which is the absolute wrong thing to do in network marketing because they DO NOT convert. Take some time and check out the thousands of ads flying around twitter all from MLM marketers trying to send you to their company’s website.

Pick a few of those people and ask them how many signups they personally enrolled in their MLM. They will advise you how many enrollments their company got last month. They will advise you how wonderful and “unique” their lab tested and certified product is. They’ll even justify why their comp plan is so much better than any other comp plan ever invented because their company is “direct sales” not MLM. But they will not tell you how many enrollments they have personally put into their business.

More than 9 out of 10 people who join an MLM will lose money and drop out within the first year and a large part of the reason why is because of how they are being advised to market the product.

In order to make it in Vemma or any network marketing company for that matter, you have to know how to position yourself to take advantage of the over 4 million searches google gets every single day by people looking to start a work at home business.

Can you Envision having a never ending pool of extremely targeted leads, who are looking for the exact opportunity you are offering. They want what you have and their ready to buy!

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