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How many of us really know the difference between the terms Fair Trade and Ethical Trading? These are terms we are asked to mingle with every day due to the new green conscious world we now inhabit. I hope a brief and possibly over simplistic explanation will save many readers from the confusion created by these two terms and the embarrassment of not knowing the intricate differences when faced with a newly informed client.

Fair trade is primarily concerned with the payment for goods and services at a fair rate, thereby ensuring producers get a fair deal. One basic criteria of fair trade includes employees being paid what is termed a living wage, a level of pay that can sustain that employee in their given country. There are often no real meaningful minimum wage laws in developing countries and where there are, they are often not upheld or policed sufficiently. This is why independent organisations and responsible purchasers monitor pay and inform the foundation of fair trade principles.

Ethical trading on the other hand is concerned with the treatment and working conditions of staff producing the goods or providing the services. The fundamental idea of ethical employment as outlined by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETA) covers nine basic areas:

• The ruling out of child labour
• The freedom of workers to come and go
• The right of collective bargaining
• Safe and hygienic working conditions
• A living wage
• No excessive working hours
• No discrimination
• No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed
• Regular employment is provided

There is a cross over between the fair trade and ethical trading but increasingly these areas are being talked about and monitored separately.

Nowadays you can’t open a newspaper or turn on the television without people talking about climate change or the environment. Governments have woken up to the facts that we need to protect what we have, and one of the ways in which both companies and households can do this is by looking at how we dispose of our waste.

Each year in the UK we generate about 100 million tones of waste from households, commerce and industry combined and the effect of this can be devastating! With so much at stake companies now need to have a genuine environmental policy at the heart of their organisations. One small environmentally friendly ideal like recycled pencils, recycled notebooks, or even recycled pens can build a business and help restore a sustainable planet too. Businesses need to be custodian of this concept, and believe that it is also crucial to the survival and growth of the environment.

Businesses are still excited by genuine, eco-friendly product solutions, and keep our minds open to new ways of waste recycling.

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