Electric Products

The electronic technology was the emerging technology that began to develop in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and it was developed most rapidly and used most widely in the twentieth century, which became an important symbol of the development of modern science and technology. Quickly, various electronic products such as DVD, VCD, radio, MP3 and so on emerged and have been updated all the time. Nowadays electronic products are an extremely important part in people’s daily life, we use electronic products all the time, and it is even beyond imagination that what our life will be without electronic products.

Mp3, Mp4 have existed for a long time, and now even all the modern young people have Mp3 or Mp4. A Mp3 or Mp4 is very convenient, it is very easy to take along because it is generally very light and small, and it can be used for a long time after being charged. People can use it to listen to music, play small games, read some electronic novels and so on, some Mp3 or Mp4 even has the function of taking pictures. With the development of science and technology, they are designed to have more and more functions.

A laptop or computer is a necessity for people, at the present time all the people working in the office need computer, after returning home from work, people surf the Internet at home, they watch movie, chat on the Internet and so on using the computer, and when going out for a trip, people may take one laptop along, because laptop is one close friend, it has so many functions which enrich people’s life so much.

It is believed that everyone is very familiar with the cell phone, and now everyone, including the children and old people, owns at least one cell phone. At first, it was only a communication tool, but now it has many other functions. A modern cell phone can be used to listen to music, watch a movie, play small electronic games, take photos, chat and so on, some cell phone even has the GPRS, bluetooth function and so on. It is necessary to take the cell phone no matter where people go, because they need to get contact with others. In my opinion, cell phone will be updated all the time.

To the old people or housewives, they may use television, radio and so on a lot, though these electronic products are not so hot as cell phone and computer, they will not disappear and they will still exist with the modern society.

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