Do You Like Working Under Stress

He’s applying for jobs at the moment and had a telephone interview with some HR guy from this company he was applying to work for.

The conversation was typical of telephone interviews. You know… “What’s your current situation?”

To which he replied: “In between jobs, looking for the right opportunity.”

“What attracts you to this job?”

He gave them some churned-out auto-pilot response.


The interviewer asks: “Do you like working under stress?” (it was a sales job).


What do you say to a question like that?

Imagine… you want the job… you need the money… so, if you tell the truth (a big, fat NO! – of course you don’t like working under stress) then you’re going nowhere fast.

So, you lie. You say: “Yeah, sure. I LOVE working under stress. No pressure – no diamonds.”

What a question to ask.

Incidentally, he didn’t get the job.

This story shows the importance of finding a career (notice I say ‘career’ and not ‘job’) you love.

A job will keep you just-over-broke. A career will give you a little more financial freedom.


Neither will give you the financial freedom that owning your own business will. When you have a team of people working for you, you leverage their time to your advantage… in terms of profit and time.

They work and make you money so you don’t have to (assuming you’re good at business that is).

Stress will be the last thing on your mind when you discover how to stack cash running your own show.

Until then, be ready to answer the question: “Do you like working under stress?”

Sam King is an entrepreneur, author, professional speaker and vlogger from North-West London, United Kingdom.

He owns several online and offline businesses and is author of Change Your Life in 7 Hours.

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