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In a recent interview, the “franchisee weak orders” has become the focus of the topic. 2008 Financial Crisis, most of the clothing brand performance than in previous years have turned down, thus affected the franchisees Sell Confidence that this “confidence” level of health, through the order reflected. Women of a well-known brands told reporters: “Although this year in order to do a certain amount of deduction to let, but the franchisee is not high orders of passion.” The North’s total Proxy Admitted: “On the one hand, although the situation made brands to meet part of the let, but the pressure of the volume of large, higher product prices still showed a trend; while on the other hand, the franchisee’s emotional and do not want more order, I caught in the middle swallow. “then immediately instructed reporters asked their franchisee franchiser, said:” Last year has been pressing a lot of inventory, the volume of this year, and if the pressure was mounting up, we have How could withstand , and this year is not bright … … “

This point of view, franchisees and the problems of order, not the current situation under the simple psychological reaction, more is clothing distribution system Mishap. How to create a better Cooperation Platform to promote the healthy flow of goods, “clothing dealer,” Planning the current interviews, to the brand owner or distributor through the operation of outstanding success stories or experience, to our positive thinking.

“Norman Qi,” general manager Yan Jianhua

Brands view Set the number of goods, so that “digital” words

? “Norman Qi,” general manager Yan Jianhua

Good and bad companies are selling the goods out of the enterprise’s operations is good or bad Management Out. How to manage co-ordination? How mutually beneficial, but also target the same case management co-ordination? This is like in a retail store, a shopping guide on the manager said: “The window model body color scarves and clothes do not take, Hat Style differences with the dress too … … “the manager heard I do, you just do a few days ah? This is not a challenge to my authority? But if the words were not from the mouth of Shopping guide say, but from display division of the mouth to say, I feel completely different, and the manager will unconditionally accepted, as the other professional, and more authoritative. order the same way, with figures to guide, and more scientific and more convincing.

Inventory control and enhance the stability of revenue is from the order began. Agent is the most frustrating task of indicators and factory orders goods, a reasonable form. Through research and study in the introduction of the five applicable principles: appropriate materials, adequate, timely, appropriate price, fitness store. Order before the franchisee will receive a form in advance, the above detailed records of their sales data over the same period the previous two years, refining the models, colors, codes, in the amount of computation, the agent spread in channels the “profit and loss equilibrium “and the store orders and other scientific calculation method the calculation of effective scientific order to help franchisees. Some franchisees said: “The agent provides five million before we all too many, and now through the shop break-even point calculations, will be 6.8 million was flat, so I set for myself this year, 700 million mission objectives.” Because there are figures for support, the franchisee but raised the enthusiasm of order. This is also not effective shop floor efficiency and the calculation of the shops were ordered to bring the touch.

Order is not a scientific talk, it needs to continue to implement pragmatic, can produce similar effect. While science is also advancing with the times, only by constantly learning, to the maximum to avoid wear and tear, so that predicted output close to reality, and we actively build a relatively well-respected agent training system and formed a delegation to the regular or irregular Professional Academy for the end of the scientific order played a positive role in pushing forward.

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