Black Belt Recruiting: Sponsoring Hundreds Of Distributors The Easy Way?

Black Belt Recruiting is a famous training course about network marketing by the equally famous Mike Dillard.This review is trying to establish the value this course holds for MLM distributors who try to build their business the best, most efficient way.

One of the first questions people ask themselves when they think about sponsoring reps in network marketing is how to do that without pitching the business opportunity to them.Black Belt Recruiting concentrates on the revolutionary concept of attraction marketing and how it helps with building your team like a professional.

This remarkable task gave Mike Dillard the chance to work again with Mark Wieser, one of the first people he learned about network marketing from when he was just starting in this industry.The product itself consists of 6 CD’s of training and one brochure containing the essential principles of recruiting.

Mike and Mark say this is a whole new approach to sponsoring…It is based on the psychology of leadership and crowd dynamics.

You need to place yourself in your marketing area in such a way that potential affiliates can easily find you and reach you.People will always be attracted to others whom they view as their equals or superiors in terms of personal value and status.The best way to become that person is obviously to increase your value by increasing your level of knowledge and experience.

Something else you need to keep in mind is to avoid emotional involvement during the discussions with prospects.This is a very difficult thing for human beings because we tend to give too much importance to every single sponsoring conversation and feel like whenever there’s a rejection, it is out fault.

Don’t overwhelm your prospects with information, that might just scare them away!

Black Belt Recruiting teaches you to have a winner’s attitude and to reach that stage where your prospects care more than you do about the results of the discussion you’re having with them.

Just have fun!

Another issue addressed in this course is how to deal with objections.It’s hard to stay on the right track when people bombard you with questions.And they usually do…

Even if this may sound strange, there are some typical answers experts use in a prospecting conversation.They may vary depending on the person they are talking to, but not by much.Mike Dillard even divulged the fact that he used to have notes with such answers all over the place when he started conducting his first phone conversations with prospects.

You need to have prospecting conversations with people over and over again and to learn from them in order to develop the necessary skills.Also, learn from the best but don’t neglect cultivating your personal style.

Remember that these people will perceive YOU as the expert and you have to live up to their expectations.That’s exactly why YOU must ask the questions and lead the dialogue.

If people are not fine with this, no problem, you just go to the next person who is willing to accept the fact that they have things to learn from you.

You can’t twist people’s arms to become prosperous network marketing leaders, so your best choice is to position yourself as a leader and let those who are interested come to you instead.This is what black belt recruiting is all about!

Black Belt Recruiting is a very efficient way to look at sponsoring. Learn the MLM Training Secrets and start your journey to the awesome life!

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