Benefit Lip Gloss Products

Benefit has recently discontinued two very popular lip gloss lines called Her Glossiness and The Gloss in favor of a new line called Benefit Lip Gloss. The new line is supposed to be stickier so that you have longer wear. This was a disadvantage to the other lines which wore off quickly. Lip Gloss form Benefit will not need to be reapplied as often as the other Benefit lip gloss products. Another change with this new line of cosmetics is the applicator. Benefit has always featured a sponge tip applicator, but this new line is supposed to have a paddle shaped sponge which allows you to get coverage of your entire lip with one pass. This allows you to get more even coverage and a more professional look to your lip makeup.

There are eight shades in the Benefit Lip Gloss line including some old favorites as well as some new colors. Each shade is shimmery so that it looks like you lips are sparkling. The eight shades are as follows:

Life on the A List – Bubblegum pink and a shade from the Her Glossiness line
Who Are You Wearing – Passion fruit pink and a shade from the Her Glossiness line
Kiss You – Clear fuchsia and a shade from the The Gloss line
Almost Famous – also called Copper Penny because it is a shimmery copper with a hint of pearl and gold
Freshed Squeezed – also known as Pink Grapefruit
Friends in High Places – Sparkling Raspberry
I’m With the Band – Golden Pink Shimmer
Zone Out – a classic golden nude which is good for wear with other lipsticks

A tube of any of these lip glosses retails for $ 18, but you can sometimes find them cheaper from places like eBay. You should check out these and other great Benefit cosmetics as soon as you can.

Sydney is a cosmetic fanatic and especially enjoys Benefit lip gloss. Benefit lip glosses are great products that every makeup wearing woman should try.

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