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Home appliances to the countryside The release of some consumer demand, but is a persistent problem

Jiu Jiadian piled in the corner

An appliance distributors grew by nearly

Troubled star Ye Lin biggest problem is: the sustainability of home appliances to the countryside policies how strong? Appliances to the countryside as if he felt a mall let promotion: a period of time will be booming, but the stimulus stops, may return to calm.

Two years ago in the spring, Ye Lin-sing, 15 shopping centers in person with the backbone to the rural house to house handing out flyers, hired a tricycle and forth in the various towns, the countryside for the home appliances with years of planning

Sell The dream of 94 million yuan.

A year ago, the spring, Ye Lin-sing, there is loss of heart, busy for a year, his dream of home appliances to the countryside to achieve only one-tenth.

This year, this spring, Ye Lin-sing, an increase of 40% of the data look, mixed. Although this figure to break the years of flat sales situation, it does not make people minds are at ease.

Early-loved 2008 New Year’s Day has just passed, Ye Lin Xing men who have repeatedly called a meeting to plan an exciting year sales target?? 94 million yuan! This figure to his men surprised, which is equivalent to the entire store’s sales doubled.

Promised the estuary, from Ye Lin Star appliances to the countryside for the upcoming assessment of the policy proceeds. Year in January, Shandong, Henan and Sichuan are the first batch of home appliances to the countryside as a pilot province.

Ye Lin Changqing Jinan triple star is the vice president of home appliances shopping malls, in 2000 he put out to sea from the Food Authority to start the appliance business. Now he’s shopping malls

Monopoly Long clear nearly 70% of the market. Changqing was originally a county of Jinan, Jinan, 2001, designated as an area of 56 million people.

For home appliances to the countryside, local government and Ye Lin stars as a high profile. January 15, 2008, the district government held a grand in stores before the launch of home appliances to the countryside. Yeh, I was relieved of 15 million copies printed leaflets, one by one village, hair, enough to hire a caravan to the village run by the village committee of the major speakers to the villagers, “propaganda.”

And his sharp contrast to the township-level dealers are showing unusually cold. Strictly limit the countryside products as home appliances, low profits, they do not want to discuss this tired errand. Ye Lin Xing said, “We have calculated that a 21-inch TV purchase price of 698, 719 selling price, profit center only 21. Remove the freight delivered to your door, we earn 11 dollars., Together with other costs, just is losing money. “

Ye Lin-sing happy to lose money earned shouted the reason is because he, as a powerful three-tier market distributors, value is the amount. And with the amount he can get a significant manufacturer rebate.

He once conducted a survey, “long clear, 56 million people to 10 people to add 2 sets of appliance computing, bringing home appliances products to achieve 94 million sales a year is not a problem.”

Like a pot of cold water reality will star cast of a leaf forest and cool. In 2008, the group led by Ye Lin-sing, has only completed 10% of the assignments, he was the team before the plan is 15 million yuan. Real sales of 1.5 million yuan, or 7 groups the best results.

This year, Shandong, Henan and Sichuan, and other home appliances to the countryside of the pilot provinces, in practical operation part of many problems have emerged. For example: there is no successful business banner banner advertise appliances to the countryside, destroyed the credibility appliances to the countryside; subsidy payments procedures are complex, too cumbersome to put into the hands of the peasants and so on.

Ye Lin-sing with deep feeling on these issues. Investigation into the family farmer, he often asked: “bringing home appliances products are not clearance processing products?” He had received

Complaints , Asked him: “Compensation shall process is too cumbersome, too slow get the money to.”

This year, bringing home appliances outstanding problem is that successful products from the grade and type of demand can not match. Most home appliances sales are alternative consumption, the main force is to buy replacement, making the supply of and demand for the contradiction.

Ye Lin Xing said, the rural market is not people think of low-cost market. With

TV For example, the retail price of 2,000 yuan means that large-size flat panel TV ceiling automatic out. “Those small size of TV to buy cheap and very few people, the people since the renewal of on another good, and want to change the big flat panel TV up.”

Finally, in 2008 bringing home appliances market tepid. Ye Lin-sing, the shopping malls just won 10 million yuan of sales.

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