Amway Distributors ? Why Feel Guilty About Prospecting?

Distributors experience a variety of emotions during their career as an Amway distributor.  Excitement, fear, joy, disappointment, elation, rejection… the list goes on.  But guilt?  That is how I often felt after calling friends out of the blue that I have not seen in years to share my new venture.  I felt extreme guilt for leaning on my relationships to build my business.

You know, making small talk about their family or job to establish rapport and then hitting them with the ‘invite’. It was not that I felt bad about Amway products or the business opportunity – I felt bad that the only reason I contacted them was because of Amway.  And in most cases, after they took a look at my presentation and declined, they disappeared into the distance again.

I felt like a fake.  I felt like I had betrayed myself and my integrity.  So I vowed to do it differently.

Fortunately for me, technology came to the rescue.  Never before in the history of network marketing has the distributor had access to the positioning power that technology provides.  In the past, only large corporations with deep pockets had access to cutting edge marketing strategies.

For example, one fundamental marketing strategy used by corporations forever is defining their target market.  Distributors could never use this strategy because they were so limited to their warm market.  If I was marketing anti-aging products for example, how many women over 40 might I have in my warm market?  Do you see how limiting that can be?

And the best part about defining your target market and leveraging technology to reach them is that there is no guilt.  You see, your target market is a group of people who are actually looking for the types of products that Amway has to offer. 

You can build a tremendous business built on integrity not guilt by exploiting today’s modern technology to reach the masses.

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