Amway Distributors ? Stop The Warm Market Drudgery

Have you been through your entire list of friends and family, and then some, looking for customers and business partners to no avail?  I can relate to your struggle because I have been there too.  For three years I talked to every friend and family member, every colleague and associate and every person within three feet.  I even called every business on the Chamber of Commerce directory but only ended up with about twenty people in my business

I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong.  I read dozens of books on network marketing and positive thinking.  I wrote out my lofty goals and said affirmations daily.  Still, my business was not growing and was certainly not providing me with the time and money freedom that I dreamed of.

That was four years ago.  What I have since learned is that society has changed dramatically with the advent of modern technology.  And with that change,  warm market marketing has become the most labor intensive and inefficient way to market Amway products for two reasons.

First, technology has replaced the neighborhood, which was the nucleus of warm market marketing.  Social media, blogs, forums, cell phones and texting  have become society’s preferred manner of communication. And purchasing products and services is their preferred way to shop.

Second, by leveraging technology the distributor now has unlimited access to qualified leads – i.e. people who are actually looking for what you have to offer.  Strategies like marketing to a target market, once only available to large companies with deep pockets, are now the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy.

As you know, network marketing is based on leverage – leveraging other people.  Now you can leverage other people and technology, like the internet and the telephone, to actually build the business you once dreamed of.  Having the know how to leverage technology is paramount so success and the best strategy to stop the drudgery of warm market marketing.

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