Youngevity Review

If you are reading this Youngevity Review, than you are trying to uncover out far more details on the company. You are either trying to determine if you ought to join or you have joined and you are trying to find out far more data on the company, the products and how you can have success as a distributor with the company. You are absolutely in the correct spot due to the fact this post will review those items.

Youngevity Network Marketing Company

Youngevity is a Well being and nutrition company that operates through the network marketing business model. The company is located in Chula Vista, California and was founded in 1991 by Dr. Joel Wallach. Dr. Wallach has over 45 years in Bio-medical research. He has a bachelor’s of science degree in Nutrition from the University of Missouri. He has also written in 9 Wellness & Wellness books, over 70 peer reviews and scientific papers. He has a very impressive background.

They are over 400 different products that the company sells. Some of the products include vitamins, mineral supplements, personal care items, jewelry, and makeup.

The company has been around for 10 years that has to say a lot for them. They are not a scam for the people who are wondering. They are a legitimate company with solid products and a solid compensation plan.

Youngevity Compensation Plan

As a distributor you have nine ways to earn a commission check. They include retail sales, residual income, infinity bonuses, quick stat bonuses, reactivation bonuses, leadership bonus monthly dream bonus, revenue sharing, and dream car bonuses.

Success with Youngevity

Achievement with Youngevity and any network marketing company depends on your ability to recruit others into the company. 95% of Youngevity distributors are going to fail in the first 90 days due to the fact they will not be able to generate leads, recruit and put cash flow into their pockets. Creating a brand for yourself, becoming the leader and obtaining marketing training are the way to beat out the competition and to ensure that you have good results with Youngevity.

The problem is that the internet is so saturated that people feel that they have to buy this product and buy that product looking for a magic program and system that can do everything for you with the push of a button. The truth is there is not. If you want achievement, the first thing you must do it get marketing training on social media, video marketing, article marketing, SEO, blogging, PPC, Solo Ads and so much much more.

In conclusion, Youngevity is a great opportunity. Be sure to do a lot more investigation to make sure that the company is a great fit for you. They have been around for 10 years and when I researched the leaders on the management team, they all have a lot of experience and they will be able to take the company to new heights. With all that being said, this is not enough to ensure that you will have good results as a distributor using the company. The secret to good results with any network marketing company is being able to recruit and generate leads. If you don’t have a duplicable system and marketing training, you will not uncover much good results in Youngevity.

If you want to have success as a Youngevity distributor you must get marketing training on article marketing, video marketing, SEO, social media and Web 2.0. This is what’s working now and it’s the same strategies that you need to use.

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