NuVante Has A Focus On Healthy Skin

NuVante is a health and beauty products company based in Austin, Texas and founded in 2003 by Ruthie Harper MD. NuVante manufactures and markets skin care and anti aging products using a direct sales and home based business model. The company states that all of their products are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives and are designed to make your skin healthy and attractive. One of their main anti aging products is the NuVante NUC anti aging treatment. Developed in 2006, NuVante NUC contains Vitamin C as a major ingredient for fighting the signs of aging such as hyper pigmentation and wrinkles. Vitamin C is well known for its significant antioxidant properties and power to neutralize free radicals. Vitamin C also plays a role in the synthesis of collagen that increases moisture in the skin and helps reduce lines and wrinkles. NuVante has more recently launched a campaign they call their IT campaign which is all about the scientific research and “Innovative Technology” that dictates the final selection of ingredients for each of their products, making each product unique and highly effective. NuVante offers a complete skin care line, including products for cleansing, toning, hydrating, nourishing and replenishing the skin.

There are two ways to become a NuVante distributor. The Starter Pack for the Advisor is $ 99.95 and contains all the forms and instructions for you to start your NuVante business including marketing and sales materials and seven trial packs. You also receive a one year license for a replicated website so that your customers can buy online. The Team Leader Starter Pack is $ 425.99 includes everything that is in the Advisor Starter Pack plus some pre-selected products and 15 trial packs. Distributors can earn a commission up to 40% on the retail prices. There are also several bonuses based on recruiting and sponsoring new distributors. The company offers training and support through business opportunity meetings, personal websites, 24/7 access to support system, down loadable forms and marketing materials, and customer support hot line. The requirements are that you must generate sales volume every month.

In 2006, International Nutritional Products Company Youngevity announced their alliance with NuVante which will be added as an independent brand to Youngevity’s expanding line of nutritional supplements, personal care and wellness lifestyle products. This is a win-win arrangement for distributors for both NuVante and Youngevity because distributors of both companies will be able to purchase, market and sell products from either company, all under one compensation plan. Because Youngevity has international offices in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, this also opens up the possibilities of building a network of independent distributors with a world wide reach.

NuVante is solid company and joining forces with Youngevity adds even more stability but the bottom line for the independent distributor is still, how are they going to individually market their business. They have a website but must still have a way to drive traffic to that website. After all, as a distributor, you must generate sales volume every month. A constant stream of customers and new distributors is needed to create the successful business that people of today are looking for. A warm market usually only goes just so far before it runs out. You need the marketing system that other top producers in the industry are using to draw qualified leads to their websites and sales pages. To find out how this cutting edge program can give you the boost that you need to propel your business to huge success, click the link below.

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