Anti-Aging Tips For The Young And Beautiful

Most of us who came in contact with such an article would probably be around forty years of age and above and probably be wondering how can we gain access to the fountain of youth. This fountain is just a legend but there are many other ways which could get you results quite close to what you are looking for. According to research individuals trying to look younger than their true age contributed a total of more than $ 5.8 billion on skin care products etc last year, when the world was leaning towards recession. This surely shows how concerned people are for a having a younger and beautiful look.

Some miracle foods research have opened the doors to many such secrets that slow down and even cease the aging of a lay man’s body. It appears quite interesting to see some real tips on anti aging that people have to share. Some of these tips would be very beneficial and have astounding results if adopted by anyone.

To keep your skin young and healthy Vitamin C plays an important part, as it is perhaps the only agent that could directly make contact with any part of your skin and prevent its tissues from oxidation. It is advisable to find a strong dose of vitamin C and dissolve it in a little boiling water. Cooling this mixture and applying it around the eyes and the mouth with a mild eye cream would show some decent results in a couple weeks.

Egg white does wonders too when applied around the eyes and potentially aids in tightening of your skin when left for some time.

According to studies, most wrinkles develop on your skin while you sleep as the burden of your face lies on one cheek. Therefore it would be a wise thing to invest in using satin pillow cases for yourself so that the slippery texture avoids such wrinkles.

To get rid of the cracks on your heels and rough palms it would be best to rub it with mashed potatoes and drops of olive oil. Leave your feet for half an hour or so and then rinse properly with cold water. Another type of oil which could be very fruitful is the Emu oil used and adopted by the aborigines for over thousands of years also helps in such rough parts and is a very decent moisturizing cream too.

For some people this would just not be enough as they maybe looking for a bit more. Or often get embarrassed by some stretch marks around their waist lines or a slight scratch on the face which had become less prominent but still has made it mark. They too have a bailout plan with the technological breakthroughs today.

Laser treatments have known to be a very effective and useful cure for most females. Those who want to get rid of the unwanted facial hair which developed with distorting hormones or even some scars and blemishes form acne or any other skin disorder are being dealt with these days. The laser wrinkle treatments do wonders.

However the laser treatments and other similar techniques such as cosmetics surgery may have better results, they still remain much expensive and out of reach for many.

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